Stand Up Paddle Boards with Kayak Seats

If you are torn between a SUP (stand up paddle board) and a kayak, your not alone. While many want a SUP board they still like the thought of being able to recline in a seat and just paddle around without having to focus all of your attention on balancing.  

Recently several SUP board manufactures have added a seat option for their SUP boards.  

Here are several things to consider when buying a SUP board with a kayak style seat.

  • Is the seat easy to install? Many SUP seats will need to be looped through D rings which will require you to put the seat on while onshore.
  • Is the seat included and brand specific to your SUP board
  • Does the SUP board come with a SUP and a Kayak paddle.  You might need to buy a separate kayak style paddle with blades on both ends to use with your SUP.  There are also several kayak/SUP crossover paddles available. 

Best SUP boards with kayak seats.